Friday, August 1, 2014

Holiday snaps

As I mentioned in this post, we spent a few days in New Plymouth during the school holidays. 

This is the view of Kapiti Island and the Kapiti coast north from above Paekakariki towards Paraparaumu.  At this point we were still close to Wellington with quite a few more hours of driving before reaching New Plymouth.


 A few photos of the elusive Mt Taranaki, mostly the mountain was covered in cloud, so I was determined to get photos of the few glimpses we managed to see.

there is a mountain behind those clouds


first glimpses of snow covered slopes ...
Stratford mountain road
in the clouds at the top of the road up from Stratford

finally the top appears
a brief time when the clouds part
A friend suggested we visit Te Rewa Rewa bridge on the Coastal Walkway.  I'm glad she did, previously we've seen and enjoyed other parts of the Coastal Walkway, the bridge is stunning!

The morning was mostly cloudless and we did see and photograph the mountain, later in the morning the clouds rolled on in.

Te Rewa Rewa bridge

The visit was way too short and another longer stay is needed.

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