Friday, August 8, 2014

Joining the Stars

At a recent guild meeting I won some star blocks, that I posted about here.  

As the blocks are not all the same size I thought I could add white strips to each side and then turn the block on a slight angle and cut a bigger square so the star was slightly wonky.  This would (hopefully!) mean that the blocks would be the same size.

I took the blocks along to my stitching group and viewed them on the white design wall.  That showed that some of the yellows didn't contrast enough with the white.  So a suggestion was made to try grey - advantage of being at a house with a large fabric stash - out came a piece of grey.  It made such a difference.

At home I went looking for grey and happened to find two pieces, so tried some blocks on each.
on white

Now looking at the photos I'm not too sure, having ironed the pieces first would have been a good idea.

I still sort of like the white, maybe a bit more trialling needs to be done.  And, I now have my own design wall - more on that another time.
on grey

on darker grey

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