Monday, August 18, 2014


Last school term saw me exploring the streets of Newtown while my kids had sports/training near by.  This term the training has moved to Kilbirnie.  Kilbirnie isn't nearly as interesting as Newtown for people watching, cafes and exploring the streets.  

Although it does have two very good quilting related shops - Stitchbird and Wellington Sewing ServicesThe Children's Bookshop is a fantastic shop that I could easily settle into one of their comfy chairs for quite awhile - you don't need to have kids to enjoy this shop.

Last week, even though it was blowing a bit of a gale, I walked to Lyall Bay, stopping at Elements cafe to enjoy a coffee and something to eat.  
an empty Lyall Bay beach

Then as it was only a block from the sea had a quick stop at the empty beach.  The sea was mostly flat - the wind was a northerly, so no surfers.  The walk back was a good workout - walking into the wind.
a couple of rowdy locals

For a couple of weeks there is a break from training - so no Kilbirnie for awhile.

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Charlotte Scott said...

I used to flat in Newtown. A loooong time ago. Your photos bring back lots of Wellington memories.