Saturday, June 29, 2013

Red 12x12 - all three of them

Aotearoa Quilters (AQ) RED exhibition will be held during the quilting Symposium in Taupo next month.  More information here in an earlier post.

In total I've entered three, here they are:


Each quilt is being sold for $150, any not sold at Taupo will be exhibited (and available for sale) in Hamilton during AQ's annual exhibition at the Craft and Quilt Fair early in September.  

The zigzag or chevron quilt is paper pieced from a pattern I downloaded from Craftsy.  (Sharp Chevrons from  Anna - Six White Horses patterns). 

The centre quilt is blanket stitched sari strips onto woollen felt.

The doily quilt is my first effort at quilting a doily onto a background using Cindy Needham's quilting for inspiration.  

Somehow (?!!?) I managed to make it not quite 12" square! ironing the living daylights out of it didn't increase it enough.  A friend suggested attaching a twisted cord around it - it is now mostly 12" by 12".

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wild Days

The storm that is delivering snow and cold temperatures to the South Island has been hitting Wellington with a vengeance.  After a rough Thursday night we still have power (luckily), a couple of streets away had a tree fall onto the powerlines and brought down the power pole. 

Here we are doing quite well compared to the more exposed parts of the city.  Check out Stuff's website ( for pictures.

Our garden and the street/paths look like a giant mulcher has been through and dumped large amounts of leaves and debris.

Today it is still raining, the kids sports have been cancelled, however it seems a whole lot warmer.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June ATCs

The theme for June is Outer Space.  I took a slightly different interpretation, more as in running out of space.

My Outta Space ATCs

The felt and fabric circles were 'glued' to the background using 'Aleene's Liquid Fusible Web'.  This has been sitting on my shelves for awhile - I'm not even sure where I purchased it from.  It worked well for sticking everything together - including the machine needle that become very gunked up.

I also wrapped the fabric over the pelmet vilene something I haven't tried before.  The back wasn't the tidiest, I fused a pieced of fabric which I'd hemmed - not too tidy.  Using non-fraying fabric like thermal drape fabric would be better.

The two I received:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Out and About

A day out in Wellington, from Lower Hutt to Lyall Bay.  

Lunch at Cafe Reka at The Dowse then a look at Barry Brickell's pottery exhibition.

Interesting palm trees across the road ...

Great texture ... now how to reproduce it on fabric?

Drive around the harbour back to Wellington and a coffee at Maranui Cafe, Lyall Bay and some fun sandcastles.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Count down to Symposium

Not much quilting or creating lately.  I've been preparing quilts for Taupo Symposium.  All the boring stuff; sewing on hanging sleeves, sewing on velcro (shredding my finger tips), attaching labels, sewing cloth bags ...

The quilts are due, in Taupo, by next Monday (24th), hopefully mine will be off tomorrow.

Next step is gathering the requirements for the classes.  I'm doing a two day class with Gwen Marston and a day class with Dena Crain - four weeks to go ...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Girls Weekend

A group of us had a weekend up the coast at Waitarere, about 90 minutes drive north of Wellington.  

An early start on the Friday, stopping off at a couple of quilt shops on the way.  Fibre Flair in Waikanae, Krazy Cow in Levin and a very quick look at the shoe shops in Otaki.

Out came the Sew Ezi tables, a lot of stitching, eating and chatting.

A sunny Saturday saw us dyeing a heap of fabric.  

Then the compulsory walk along the beach late afternoon.  Could see Mt Ruapehu and occasional glimpses of Mt Taranaki.

A rainy Sunday, rinsing and washing our dyed fabric and home again.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A day in Wellington

A slightly non-standard day in Wellington.  

A visit to the Armageddon Expo with my son.  The expo is all about Gaming, comics, Doctor Who, live wrestling, music, anime, TV and movie stars and other stuff.

His main reason to visit was to see Sylvester McCoy speak.  Sylvester McCoy is the 7th Dr Who (!) and Radagast, a Wizard in the Hobbit, amongst other things.  

We scored a front row seat which was a bit wasted as Sylvester got the mike and then walked the aisle and rows answering peoples questions.  He was very funny and clever, he was stopped after an hour and could have easily gone on for longer.

We strolled the various merchandising stalls and other displays.  There were some serious costumes, this was my favourite.

Then for a complete change we briefly visited the North Island Fencing Championships.  Slightly different to watching the kids learning!