Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fabric twine placemats

My playing with fabric twine progressed to an actual project.  I had a metre or so of a darkish batik that had been bought as a backing fabric, yet it had never found the right quilt.

It was ripped it into ~1inch wide strips along with three lighter batiks.  An easy project to pick up and quickly a reasonable amount of cord has been produced.  

The idea was to create placemats as a Christmas present, after working out how much fabric and effort was required to make 8-10 placements - the intended recipient has a large table, I settled on placemats that could be used in the centre of the table.  

As I wanted an oval shape I started with two longer strips before starting to go round and round.  

The peg held the pieces together until the stitching had started and prevented the twine unravelling.

Going round and round ...

 ... almost done.  

It would have been easier to have the mat on the left of the needle!

Three completed placemats that are mostly the same size and shape.

Either side can be used, I had black in the bobbin and a variegated polyester on the top.

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