Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Plodding along

Not alot of quilting is happening at the moment.  

I have finished the handstitching on a project that I've been taking along to my evening  stitching groups.  Now what to do with it?


Machine quilted wide spaced curving lines, also some bobbin work.   

Then 'coloured in' with hand stitching using a range of threads and stitches.  

Inspired by the work of Carol Ann Waugh.

 a closer look

 a few threads

The reason why there hasn't been any quilting is that I've been sewing a formal dress for my daughter. 

It has taken some time as I've been over cautious, with good reason as there have been expensive sewing failures in my past.  I've been so tempted to work on other things but have persevered. The deadline is Friday, just the hem and a button to sew on plus a bit of thread trimming.

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