Sunday, March 16, 2014

Exciting Stuff

Today's exciting news is my quilt "Knit One Paint One" has been selected for SAQA's 'Redirecting the Ordinary' Exhibition, curated by Alicia Merrett (click here to see her amazing map quilts).  

The first showing will be at the International Quilt Festival (IQF) in Houston, in October.  It will also show at IQF events in Chicago and Portland in 2015. 

Knit One, Paint One
It is a whole cloth quilt with turquoise/aqua colour added with Sennelier oil pastels and each 'knitting' stitch has been padded with an extra layer of batting (Trapunto).  

While I've been using the Sennelier oil sticks I had never tried their oil pastels.

I was introduced to them by a family friend, Henry (14) who has been creating and exhibiting stunning drawings of birds with these pastels.    

The oil pastels are cleaner to use, I did find them a bit harder to blend - just need more practice!


ms lottie said...

Oooo! Congrats! And I've never heard of Sennelier oil pastels so I'll go have a look. I'm presuming they are like Shiva paint sticks?

Helen said...

Thank you. The Sennelier oil sticks are like the Shiva/Markal paint sticks except the colours tend to be more vibrant and they are muckier to use. The pastels are smaller and quite clean, I'll try and a do a post where I explain the process and include some pics.