Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Camper

I've been finding that one of the hardest things about exhibiting my quilts is photographing them.  

I have a good camera and tripod but until now my problem has been lighting.  I've been photographing quilts in our dining room which has a reasonable amount of natural light.  While that has been OK for coloured quilts, any quilts with white I haven't been able to capture correctly. Until now!

After reading Holly Knott's article Shoot That Quilt! I now have lights.  I investigated her suggestions on making my own lighting stands, while I can purchase the daylight bulbs, I failed to find the reflector lamps (If any NZers know where to buy these please let me know). 

Instead I purchased two stands with reflectors and daylight bulbs from Photo Warehouse, while they aren't professional quality they suit me just fine. 

Now I can photograph white quilts (and other colours).

before lights
after lights

Note: these photos are really low-res, they are just to show the difference in colour.

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