Monday, March 31, 2014

The Bag

Laura Kemshall recently requested photos of work inspired by DMTV videos for her Pinterest board. This prompted me to take a few pics of my accordion bag.

I created this bag after watching one of the DMTV videos.  I carefully followed the instructions and rewatched the episodes several times to make sure I had the process correct for making the accordion part. 
The fabric on the outside are hand dyes from Distressed Threads.  I drew the petal/flower design with Paintsticks and then each petal has an extra layer of batting (still one of my favourite techniques!).
Two years ago my quilting guild had a bag challenge as part of their exhibition and I entered this bag.  I won viewers choice and a merit award.  The judge (not a quilter) said the bag wasn't very practical as you'd loose things in the bottom - hmm practicality wasn't a criteria we were given and that would rule out most handbags!

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