Friday, March 28, 2014

The Blocks are together

There has been progress on the quilt (see here and here).  With the help of my stitching group we laid out the blocks. 

As we arranged and rearranged I took photos ...


When we had our final arrangement, that we mostly agreed on, I pinned the blocks together and laid them on top of each other ready for sewing.  

The blocks sewn together ...

Now this may not match the final arrangement that we had come up with as 
a) I hadn't actually taken a photo of the final layout, 
b) a few pins fell out so I didn't know where some blocks went and 
c) I ignored the useful suggestion to pin different numbers of pins at the top of the line of blocks, so I didn't know which was the top or bottom of the line of blocks.

Now it just needs the corner triangles and the borders ...

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ms lottie said...

I'm in love with those colours.