Monday, January 18, 2016

At the Beach

Prior to Christmas we spent a few days at Pohara, Golden Bay.  It was a bit of a trek after 3 hours or so on the ferry to Picton, Marlborough Sounds then quite a few hours driving to Pohara.

Marlborough Sounds

Pohara Beach


The house we rented was soo close to the beach and being before Christmas the beach was mostly just us and the seagulls.


Down the road, towards Takaka, is Labyrinth Rocks Park.  A limestone outcrop with a series of maze-like mini canyons situated between a few houses and a refuse/recycling station. 

Following a map you wander along the pathways through the rocks, including getting to dead ends and having to double back.  It takes about 30 minutes from start to end. 


Most of the rock formations have been named after things such as dinosaurs, elephants, etc.

What makes it a little unusual are all the small toys, mostly from McDonalds, placed on the rocks - certainly gets kids racing around it looking for more and identifying what movies the toys were in. 


Probably not what the original creator had in mind - the kids love it! 

nearby Tarakohe Harbour
Golden Bay sunset


We did explore other parts of Golden Bay, there will be more posts.