Monday, April 21, 2014


OK so purple isn't one of my favourite colours.  At my guild's show and tell I usually look the other away when purple quilts are shown especially those with green.  

Although I am starting to change my mind a little bit - there are some quilt nice modern quilts on various blogs that feature purple.

The reason why I'm mentioning purple is that Aotearoa Quilters latest 12x12 colour challenge is purple.  The entries are due 21 November 2014, so plenty of time for me to get more enthusiastic about purple (or not!).  Entry is open to members and non-members more details on their website.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The top is complete

The top is complete, the corner triangles and border have been stitched.  

The backing is together - only one seam required and the pattern mostly matches.

Now just need some batting, and to baste the whole thing ...

Monday, April 14, 2014

SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction

I've completed my SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction 12x12 quilt, except for a name.  Until I have a name I can't do the label ...  

I keep thinking of names but they all have 'kiwi' in them.  The US (and elsewhere) call kiwifruit 'kiwi' - this quilt is nothing like kiwifruit!

The auction starts in mid September and quilts need to be in the US by 1 June - so a little while for a name!

I started with a piece of sun printed fabric that had been sprinkled with rock salt.
The designs came from a couple of NZ Quilter magazines with some modification to fit in the square shape.  Again I used my current favourite technique paint sticks with a freezer paper stencil.
freezer paper stencil

Once the design was painted I used some boofy batting and stitched along the outline of the shapes.  The batting was then cut away and a layer of cotton batting added along with the backing.  
back view

The design was outlined with a Madeira metallic thread and the rest densely quilted.
front in progress

The piece was then faced.  Now back to a name ...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Other Entries

Lucy Carroll is another Oceania SAQA member with a quilt accepted into SAQA's 'Redirecting the Ordinary' exhibition.  Here is her entry 'Work Ready'

Work Ready

The size of the quilts needed to be between 44"-48" high x 28"-32" wide.  

This is a stunning quilt and it would be amazing to see it.

Thanks to Lucy for this list of other exhibitors:

Bobbi Baugh –
Sharon Buck –
Gillian Cooper –
Denise Oyama Miller –
Donna Deaver –
Terry Grant –

Some more blogs to read and follow.