Monday, September 15, 2014

SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction - starting soon

SAQA's 2014 Benefit Auction starts 2pm Monday 15 September EDT (Tuesday 6am here in New Zealand).  For details on how the auction works click here.  
Kikorangi Kowhaiwhai

My contribution 'Kikorangi Kowhaiwhai', appears in Section 2 with the bidding for this group starting next week. 

Quilts from other NZ quilters include, Charlotte Scott and Averil Stuart-Head (both in Section 1) and Mathea Daunheimer (Section 3).

The quilts are all 12"x12" and feature a wide range of techniques and styles, they can be viewed by Section or individual listing by quilter.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Back home again

My little quilt 'The Backseat Band' has arrived home. 

It has been touring New Zealand as part of Bernina's 'Music Challenge'.

I visited the exhibition when it was on at Minerva Gallery here in Wellington. Even though I'd seen pictures on-line, seeing the quilts for real was quite different and I noticed more details.  It was interesting seeing the range of styles, techniques and abilities yet none looked out of place.

The first thing I did when I got the quilt home was to check for residual pink marks and was happily surprised that there weren't any!!  

Why? when I was making the quilt I had a great idea (well at the time it was but soon after wasn't) to use a pink Frixion highlighter pen.  I wanted a nice thick line to stitch either side of before I coloured the line in with Tsukineko ink.  The highlighter was the right width and would easily iron out, as the other Frixion pens do (mostly).

When I went to iron out the pink it didn't totally remove.  I washed the piece, that didn't remove the pink but did lighten the ink.  From memory the only thing that did remove the pink was nail polish remover - not sure what the long term effect of that might be!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Purple is appearing

What is it about purple? back here I posted about my slight dislike of the colour purple, well maybe that is changing a little.

One of my latest quilts features purple ...
snippet of 'Increasingly Modern'

and I'm working on two entries for Aotearoa Quilters Purple 12x12 challenge, a couple of sneak peeks ...

However, the other two quilts I'm currently working on - definitely do not include any purple!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spring time

This is the first week of Spring and there has been a great range of flowers appearing in the garden over the past few weeks.
selection of spring flowers in the garden
The Tuis have been visiting the Kowhai trees and a smallish tree, that I don't know the name of, that has lovely pink flowers.

Tui - this photo isn't sideways!
Kowhai flowers and last seasons seed pods

Friday, August 29, 2014

Design Wall

I now have my very own design wall.  So no more (or maybe less) using the floor for trialling layouts. 

We bought a sheet of Fome Cor - Foam Board from PSP in Petone, who also delivered it.  The board is only 5mm thick and incredibly light, similar to the paper coated foam board available in art shops. 

The sheet needed to be trimmed to fit the space where it is to hang, super easy to cut with quilting tools! blunt (for fabric) rotary blade, ruler and cutting board. 
mitred plastic strips

plastic strips (the shorter edge is on the front)
The board is covered in thickish brushed cotton fabric that is mostly used for curtain interlinings - the extra layer between the curtain and the lining.  The fabric was cut a little larger than the board and fixed in place with plastic strips (Hardiglaze 6mm Premium Capping Mould - select accessories) purchased from a local hardware store.  The strip slides over the edge and holds the fabric without the need for glue.


The board is attached to the wall with 3M velcro-like strips that had been cut narrower. The velcro is on both sides so the board can be removed and turned around so the shiny side can be used.  

Works a treat, maybe my quilts will now get a bit bigger!
completed design wall - still no progress with the stars ...

Friday, August 22, 2014

More good reading

The second edition of the online magaine 'Through our Hands' is now available.  The magazine is put together by Laura Kemshall, Annabel Rainbow and Linda Kemshall and features interesting articles and heaps of eye candy. 
Add caption


Click here to read the first edition.