Friday, September 2, 2016

SAQA Oceania blog hop - 'Linked'

Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) 2016 Benefit Auction starts on 16 September. 36 members from the Oceania region donated quilts that feature in the Oceania Collection.

Leading up to the auction a selection of Oceania members are participating in a blog hop (full list here). 

Today is my turn on the blog hop where I'll share how I created 'Linked' my contribution to the auction.


I revisited the idea of linking chains that I'd used in a previous quilt.  In that quilt I'd used trapunto with polyester batting.  Where it had been 'trapuntoed', and there was no stitching, the fabric had wrinkled.  Something I was keen to avoid this time.

 The process ...

all purpose inks for fantast/x by Tsukineko

trialling the colours

Plain aloe vera gel was painted on before the inks were applied.  

The gel stops the inks migrating elsewhere and also makes applying the inks easier.

Using a line of stitching to mark the design outline gives something to paint up to and 'disappears' as it will be stitched over later.

building up layers of ink

painting mostly done

A layer of batting then stitching to create the trapunto.  The stitching is to avoid the wrinkling that can happen when the trapunto area is left unquilted.  

The stitching does slightly flatten the area.

The batting is trimmed.  With all the stitching the middle became a bit puckered. This was fixed by trimming it away and adding another layer of fabric in the space.

Another layer of batting and backing added. 

Matchstick quilting in progress.

Completed quilt.

Be sure to have a look at the other participants in the blog hop (full list here).  

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

SAQA's 2016 Oceania Collection

Each year Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) holds a benefit auction where members can donate a 12x12" quilt. The auction starts 2pm EDT, 16th September, details on how the auction works are available on SAQA's website

This year 36 members of SAQA's Oceania region donated quilts. Click on the graphic above to view the online gallery showcasing The Oceania Collection and to view each of the quilts. Mine is second on the left on the third row.

Leading up to the auction 16 Oceania members will show how their quilts were made and what inspired them to make them in the SAQA Oceania Blog Hop 2016Click here to see the blog hop schedule.

Here are the first four: