Sunday, June 2, 2013

A day in Wellington

A slightly non-standard day in Wellington.  

A visit to the Armageddon Expo with my son.  The expo is all about Gaming, comics, Doctor Who, live wrestling, music, anime, TV and movie stars and other stuff.

His main reason to visit was to see Sylvester McCoy speak.  Sylvester McCoy is the 7th Dr Who (!) and Radagast, a Wizard in the Hobbit, amongst other things.  

We scored a front row seat which was a bit wasted as Sylvester got the mike and then walked the aisle and rows answering peoples questions.  He was very funny and clever, he was stopped after an hour and could have easily gone on for longer.

We strolled the various merchandising stalls and other displays.  There were some serious costumes, this was my favourite.

Then for a complete change we briefly visited the North Island Fencing Championships.  Slightly different to watching the kids learning!  

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