Friday, January 17, 2014

Blue 12x12s - only one

I've only delivered one Blue 12x12 quilt for the Aotearoa Quilters Blue 12x12 exhibition.

I've decided that I really like my Gwen Marston inspired one in shot cottons (see here)  that I'm going to keep it - it may appear again sometime.

A Touch of Blue


Again I've used paintsticks and freezer paper stencils.  I decided not to overlap the squares and just add interest by shading the blue across the quilt.

This may be my last entry into an Aotearoa Quilters exhibition.  There has been no increase in membership and they can't stay financial at the current level, so it is possible that they will close down.  

I'm a bit sad as they have provided me with many opportunities over the last four years that I've been a member.  


ms lottie said...

Hi Helen, I've been searching for other NZ quilt bloggers and have come across you. Love your BLUE entry! I've posted off my two. I've been pondering the AQ wind up too and left my comments on their website. Actually, now I look over to your sidebar and see we must have met, as I took Gwen Marston's small studies class too...NZ is so small ;)

Helen said...

Yes I was in the class, later I realised it was you and that I've been following and enjoying your blog for ages! I've just delivered a second (last minute) blue quilt. I'm hoping to get to the AQ meeting tomorrow.