Monday, January 13, 2014

Bit of a dogs breakfast

Back in 2010 my quilt 'Painted Chocolate Blocks' won a merit prize at Aotearoa Quilters Annual exhibition.  

The prize was a $150 voucher from Tulis Batiks.  I selected a range of mostly blue and brown batiks with a small amount of lime green ones.  My original idea was a log cabin quilt, not a traditional style but more like Edwina Mackinnon with her Cut and Come Again quilts (click here to see one on Laura Kemshall's blog).  

For some reason I was a bit intimidated by just having a go and trying this technique so I never did.

After attending Gwen Marston's class last year I looked at the collection of batiks again and thought maybe I could try a Gwen version of log cabin.  I had made a 12by12 that I liked (see here). So off I went.  

The first blocks were good, the ones with too much brown were ok-ish.  When I put them together - hmm.  Some quilting friends have made some polite (!) comments, the most useful being they need to be separated by filler blocks.

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