Friday, September 12, 2014

Back home again

My little quilt 'The Backseat Band' has arrived home. 

It has been touring New Zealand as part of Bernina's 'Music Challenge'.

I visited the exhibition when it was on at Minerva Gallery here in Wellington. Even though I'd seen pictures on-line, seeing the quilts for real was quite different and I noticed more details.  It was interesting seeing the range of styles, techniques and abilities yet none looked out of place.

The first thing I did when I got the quilt home was to check for residual pink marks and was happily surprised that there weren't any!!  

Why? when I was making the quilt I had a great idea (well at the time it was but soon after wasn't) to use a pink Frixion highlighter pen.  I wanted a nice thick line to stitch either side of before I coloured the line in with Tsukineko ink.  The highlighter was the right width and would easily iron out, as the other Frixion pens do (mostly).

When I went to iron out the pink it didn't totally remove.  I washed the piece, that didn't remove the pink but did lighten the ink.  From memory the only thing that did remove the pink was nail polish remover - not sure what the long term effect of that might be!!

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