Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My local guild has an exhibition on at the Portrait Gallery until Sunday 5th October.  If you're in the Wellington area go and have a look, its a ideal venue and there are some great quilts.

After viewing all the quilts I did think there were a few 'interesting' choices for awards and wondered why the judges hadn't recognised other quilts that appeared to be better.

Does this mean me and my entries? No, not this time, as I had no expectations, especially as I've been focusing on entries for other exhibitions.  My entries were small quilts (A3 and 12"x12") that I hadn't even made specifically for this exhibition. I think this enabled me to have a different perspective when viewing the quilts and the judges awards.  

It has taken me awhile to learn and accept that judges decisions are exactly that, they are their decisions and you're never (well hardly ever) likely to get an explanation as to how and why they made their choices.  

As long as you like your quilt, enjoyed making it, what does it matter that someone else has thought that another quilt better meets a particular category and gets a lovely prize?  Actually this is quite hard and I'll try and remember these words!!

I've also realised that I prefer to enter juried exhibitions where a specified number of quilts are selected, and often there are no awards.  If my quilt is selected then I know I've met the required standard and that the quilts are often selected to fit a theme and an overall look for the exhibition.

Don't let any of this stop you entering quilts in exhibitions.  After being on 'white glove' duty today, all the quilts in this exhibition were enjoyed by quite a wide range of people, many weren't even quilters.

Well after this bit of a ramble I'll leave you with a picture of my 11 year old's quilt 'Hockey Rules', and yes it is way bigger than my entries and she won an award with a bag of goodies.

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