Monday, August 3, 2015

Sampling bigger

Here I posted about my freemotion quilting samples. While making them I also created a mini quilt sampler.  

I'd sorted some hand dyed fabric that I'd purchased ages ago on Trademe (NZ's version of ebay) and had never used mostly because the fabric was quite flimsy and the colours a little light.  

For the initial piecing of the front used gentle curves then the back with straight piecing. Then the back became the front!  

For each segment a different quilting pattern was used with varying threads. 

closer look


One of my favourites is the fill in the slim white piece.

While I could keep this as a sample it is also the right size for a neonate quilt or maybe a large cushion.


Charlotte Scott said...

Do you keep a notebook with your patterns drawn in it for reference? I do and it's so helpful, then you don't need to keep bulky samples unless you need them to show students or something similar. Love the curved piecing front/back. Very beautiful.

Helen said...

Thank you. Keeping a reference notebook is a very good idea. The small samples have been useful with the different weight threads and various needles - even if they are a little bulky.