Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Second Visit

What to do with out of town visitors on a cold windy Wellington evening? 

Wrap up warmly and visit a parrot at Zealandia.

Sirocco is a Kakapo, one of ~120 remaining Kakapo.  Heaps of information about him here and here.

We saw him on a previous visit a couple of years ago.  This time with only 9 people (excluding Zealandia and DOC staff) we had a fantastic view of him for the whole time.  Last time with ~25 people we had a limited view.

The Kakapo is nocturnal and flightless.  For viewing he is in an enclosure making photography a bit of a challenge with reflections. When he isn't on 'show' he can roam the trees nearby. 

Afterwards a quick visit to the Botantic Gardens to look at the glow worms.

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