Saturday, January 3, 2015

What the ...

On our recent holiday to the South Island's west coast, we came upon this ...

what we saw first, as we were driving towards Greymouth, was a heap of quad bikes then the Hagglund, cafe and the quilt shop sign.  

We just had to turn back and have a closer look.  Unfortunately the quilt shop was closed for another 30 minutes - I wasn't that keen to wait as we still had a long day of travel to do.  

A bit of peering through the window and there definitely was quilting fabric inside.  What was more interesting was the longarm quilting machine out the back.

Only after returning home did I do a bit of research to find out the quilt shop is called Pink Possum Quilting, the quad bikes and Hagglund are part of the adventure company Onyerbike.

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