Monday, January 12, 2015

Miniature Huts

This summer a series of miniature huts have been installed throughout Wellington.  This public art project is called 'Miniature Hikes' created by Kemi Niko & Co.  The colourful huts have been hidden in the bush, at the beach and on windy summits. 

So far the kids and I have visited three of the huts.  We've attempted to find a fourth - this is on the rocky shore at Tarakena Bay, on the south coast. These huts have been 'disappearing' and apparently replacements are planned.

Aoraki Biv is the largest and two kids mostly fit inside.

Aoraki Biv, Mt Cook
stunning city view
on the hill amongst the trees
inside view
complete with spouting

testing the water system

The other huts are smaller ...
Crystal Hut, Aro Valley

bit less cloud and the South Is would be visible

Robin Hut, Red Rocks

Now to visit the other huts - including the one on Matiu Somes Island.

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