Monday, January 19, 2015

Oparara Basin

On our recent holiday (here and here) to the West Coast we walked in the Oparara Basin area.
half of Oparara Arch

The photos don't quite show the size of the Oparara Arch, it is ~40m high. 
arch from below
The colour of the river is caused by tannin.  Tannin leaches from decomposing leaves on the forest floor and stains the water, this happens in forests with high rainfall.  Luckily not on the day we visited, just light mist.
Oparara River
tannin stained river

possible quilting patterns

From the arch we walked to Moria Gate Arch.  Alot smaller yet still impressive.

Moria Gate arch
view of Moria Gate arch

Then on to Mirror Tarn, where in light rain it had good reflections, on a clear sunny day these would be amazing.
Mirror Tarn

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