Saturday, December 20, 2014


My daughter has a sports singlet/tank that she enjoys wearing and has been asking for another one.  As she is quite slim it has been tricky finding singlets that fit her.  

So one day I had an a-ha moment and thought it would be quite easy to make her one.  I could use the one she has and sort of cut the pattern from that.

None of the local fabric shops stock the knit material that the bought ones use.  One day when I happened to be in The Warehouse I found a woman's XL t-shirt in just the right colour and type of fabric, a bargain at $12!  I'm definitely not an XL, I figured that the largest size I could get would increase the cutting options.

So carefully cutting around the existing singlet (who needs paper patterns!) I easily got a front and back from the larger top.  The bias strips for the arm holes and neck were abit trickier to get.

The singlet fits her and she wears it!  I didn't quite get the neckband right, when it is on it fits a bit better.
remains of orginal t-shirt

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