Saturday, October 25, 2014

Count Down

The Manawatu Quilt Symposium is in January.  The deadline for quilt entries is the beginning of November.  My entry forms are finished and posted.  

The deadline is actually before the 1st as the entries need to be posted via snail mail with the images of the quilts printed and on CD - entering online is so much easier!   I don't envy those who have to enter in the details from all those handwritten forms - I did try to write neatly!

I struggled with one of the artist statements. I was sort of playing with a technique and the quilt just evolved, there were times when I almost stopped as I didn't think it was working.  Once I'd trimmed it to size and cut away the binding it looked OK, so I kept going.  

A week or so ago the letters detailing our class choices arrived.  I'm attending Betty Busby's class 'Artistic Yardage' which is painting on silk  - something I'm keen to try. The other class is Rosalie Dace's 'Earth, Wind and Fire'. Rosalie was here in Wellington a few years ago and I missed her talk, which apparently was amazing and a friend has never let me forget that I didn't go!

Better get on and look at the class requirements - usually involves a google search for things that we can't get in NZ easily or items that have completely different names.

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