Monday, October 27, 2014

A Couple of Quilt Shows

Recently I managed to see two quilt shows within days of each other.  The first was Wellington Quilters Quild exhibition at the Portrait Gallery.

Portrait Challenge quilts

one of the raffle baskets -
a friend won this and lucky me scored the freezer paper!

Maybe in a later post I'll feature some of my favourite quilts, including who made them, etc.  While I do have plenty of photos, they only have a number beside each quilt so to work out the quilt name and maker you need to go through the exhibition booklet! and that's if the number is readable from the photo!! 

Anyway on to the second show, this was Cotton On Quilters at the Wanganui Girls' College hall in Wanganui.  This was a lovely exhibition with a relaxed feel to it and there were merchants!

Their featured quilter, Griet Lombard, had a fantastic selection of quilts. These were displayed on a stage so getting up close was easy and mostly you could see the backs.  Pictures were allowed (I did check - several times).  I had seen a few of the quilts before at other exhibitions or in the NZ Quilter magazine, I spent quite awhile enjoying them.
selection of Griet Lombard's quilts
Block a Day

Block a Day - detail
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Friendship -
used teabags in memory of all the cups of tea shared with friends

Winter Garden
Winter Garden - closeup
Selection of journal covers

Sunset at Waitarere Beach

Enjoy your Labour Day for those in NZ.

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