Friday, June 13, 2014

Good (e)mail day

Earlier this week I received two interesting emails.

The first was from Dale Rollerson (The ThreadStudio).  Last year she sent me some Thermoformable felt to trial. See here for my post.
using brioche moulds to shape

Dale has recently blogged here about using the Thermoformable felt and has included work by three of her triallers, including mine.

The felt is a bit stiffer than standard acrylic felt. I had a bit of an aha moment when I read Dale's recommendation for soaking it in boiling water before using it - this softens it. Some of my abandoned (!) experiments may have been successful if I'd soaked the felt

part of 'Caveman Txts'
The second email was informing me that my SAQA Text Messaging quilt 'Caveman Txts' has appeared in Quilt Trends magazine in their Trendswatch feature, I'm not sure in which edition.  I'm not familiar with this magazine, so a quick Google search revealed another interesting magazine.

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