Monday, June 16, 2014

Out and About in Newtown

For the past few Saturdays, the kids have had sporting events in/near Newtown.   So I've been able to spend time walking around the area (update I do watch my kids playing sport - I don't tend to stay and watch the hour long warmups/training before a game).  Newtown is one of Wellington's more interesting suburbs and has a rather diverse mix of people living there.
Quirk's Corner

I've found a wee park ...
A quick search hasn't revealed anything about this park called Quirk's Corner - I may just have to visit the library for a bit of research.  The park is the length of a section and only a few metres wide.

While I knew that there was a Saturday market at Newtown Primary School I'd never stopped to have a look.  Great range of fruit and vegetables, as well as a few ethnic food stalls, plants for sale, even a couple of buskers.

I've also visited the Mediterranean Food Warehouse and for a complete contrast The Asian Food Market on Donald McLean St.  

I almost feel like a regular at People's Coffee cafe on Constable St, their coffee is very good.  An excellent location for some fascinating people watching.

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