Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Symposium - Exhibition

Continuing on with the quilt symposium.

The Great Lake Centre is in the centre of Taupo, just a 10-15 minute walk from Taupo-nui-a-Tia College where the classes, etc. took place.   There was also a shuttle for those in a hurry or less inclined to walk.
As well as the Symposium exhibition, there were the Tutors quilts and SAQA's Trunk Show C.

On the Sunday morning I did a white glove duty - always a great way to get a better look at the quilts.  

Just a few quilts that I liked.

Quilts by Tutors:

Sandstorm over the White Desert, by Jenny Bowker

Star Sign, by Philippa Naylor

Psychedelic Big Bang by Susan Cleveland


Exhibition quilts:

by Wendy Ward

The dress is a map of the South Island, so clever.


The Comfort of Stitch by Lee-Ann Newton

Tradition with a Celtic Twist by Anna Williams
I had seen Anna working on this technique earlier this year.  This is a stunning quilt.


Best of Show

My Turkish Plate by Valda Sutton
Past Imperfect by Josie Willis

One of my favourites by Josie WIllis.  The quilt isn't wonky its just my photographing skills.

I spent quite awhile trying to work out how it was pieced. 


 Finally my quilts
Out My Window II

A larger version of my quilt that is in Beneath the Southern Sky Exhibition.

Out West
This quilt is loosely based on a bus blind and features the western suburbs of Wellington.  Its a wholecloth that has been dyed, the letters were 'bleached' with Decolourant and trapuntoed.


The vertical line down the centre is just a shadow.  This was my first effort using doilies after I started following Cindy Needham's blog and before she came to NZ earlier in the year.

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