Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Solander Gallery

Last week, I spent an amazing two hours at Solander Gallery.  

Friends of Te Papa organise various talks, presentations, etc which are usually held at Te Papa.  The visit to Solander Gallery was part of their 'Walking Tours of Local Dealer Galleries' series. 

Vincent Drane (Solander Gallery director and artist) trained in Melbourne as a print maker, he enthusiastically guided us through the various forms of printmaking.  

He had a couple pieces of A5 sized plastic that we could dry etched designs onto.  Some people did some really fine drawings, like a cat.  I tried leaves, grasses and random quilt patterns. 

The print from our etching/scratching ... 

... not overly exciting but it did give me ideas for future projects ...

I'm now investigating Japanese vinyl, which is the next step up from lino.  The vinyl can be cut on both sides and doesn't bend like lino when it is wet. 

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