Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jeannette deNicolis Meyer class

Back in April our guild organised a one day class with Jeannette deNicolis Meyer.  

I've admired her work ever since she had an exhibition 'Speaking in Cloth 6 Quilters 6 Voices' at Taia Gallery (predecessor to Minerva) with 5 other quilters. 

The class was called 'Circles and Curves'.  I've avoided sewing curves as I thought I couldn't get them accurate enough.  With Jeannette's well explained and quite simple techniques I was off.  Sewing freehand curves and circles was easy - sort of.

Her hint for moving the needle position and using the edge of the foot as a guide so the seam allowance is smaller than 1/4" made sewing the curve easier and more accurate as there was less fabric to get in the way - if that makes sense.

I never quite learn - I took some smallish pieces of hand-dyed fabric and quite liked what I created - but now don't have anymore to make the piece larger.  Unless this becomes the centre piece and the rest is slightly different ...

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