Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Star or two

I'm dithering over some quilting - both pieces might be for my guild's exhibition in September.  One is for a portrait challenge - it is a young child's face that I painted with thickened Procion dyes in a class with Hollis Chatelain ~3 years ago.  I'm aiming to quilt it similar to how Hollis quilts her faces - I've looked at it numerous times and always gone eek and put it away again.  

The second piece is my snowball quilt (see here), I might just end up doing straight lines but I really want to do something more - and that's the problem I can't decide what.  The challenge quilt is due early August and other entries later in August.

So instead of focusing on the portrait quilting I've been doing something quick and different.

My guild has a block of the month where at the monthly meeting someone presents a block for that month, you make a block (or more) bring it along to the next meeting and enter the draw to win all the blocks.  

When I first joined the guild someone suggested that making the blocks would be good practice on piecing, so I made them and sometimes entered them in the draw (only if they were the right size and looked ok).  Lately I've been more selective and only make the ones that appeal to me while still practicing my piecing.

The block for this month is a star within a star, which I think is called a Rising Star.  It is to be done with white and brights. There has been a little bit of reverse sewing - its now done and is pretty much the correct size.

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