Friday, July 25, 2014

Off on a Journey

Off on a journey - not me but my quilt 'Knit One, Paint One'.  

Folded with long rolls of rolled up tissue paper for padding then in a clear plastic bag, finally wrapped in bubble wrap popped in a box (following SAQA's packing instructions). It has started a long-haul journey to the US for SAQA's 'Redirecting the Ordinary Exhibition'.

Since the quilt is going to be in the box for the week or so that the journey takes (and possibly longer as the exhibition is later this year) I was keen to make sure that it arrived in the best condition.  As the quilt is wider than the box it needed to be folded and not just rolled. 

I did a couple of trial foldings to see whether or not the folds remained once the quilt was unfolded. I left it rolled/folded overnight, the next day opened it up and it was fine.  Using the rolled up tissue seemed to help keep the folds rounded and not crisp folds - if that makes sense.

After posting the box I arrived home to find this in the mail ...
Exhibition book

The book produced for the exhibition, each quilt has a double spread with the full photo, a closeup photo and the details of each quilt.

Hopefully the box arrives safely in the US. 

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