Saturday, May 10, 2014

The big city

The recent school holidays saw us spending a week in Auckland.  Our timing was perfect the weather was great - warm, mostly sunny and not much rain.  Also many Aucklanders were on holiday elsewhere so traffic was a breeze. 

At times it did feel like we were the little city kids in the big city.  Wellington really is a small city, in land and population size, compared to Auckland.

Some out and about pictures ...
Sky Tower

The Cloud

Mt Eden crater

Mt Eden and cityscape

Highwic House
Rangitoto Island from Cheltenham Beach

For a few days before ANZAC Day (April 25) rarely seen images from WWI were projected on to the Auckland War Memorial Museum with a soundtrack.  The images had been used to create a 23 minute movie, Illuminate 2014: Duty and Adventure, by film maker Gaylene Preston.  The sound and images of the soldiers marching was quite haunting.  See here for a video.
Auckland War Memorial Museum

The other sides of the museum were also lit up in red.

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