Monday, April 14, 2014

SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction

I've completed my SAQA 2014 Benefit Auction 12x12 quilt, except for a name.  Until I have a name I can't do the label ...  

I keep thinking of names but they all have 'kiwi' in them.  The US (and elsewhere) call kiwifruit 'kiwi' - this quilt is nothing like kiwifruit!

The auction starts in mid September and quilts need to be in the US by 1 June - so a little while for a name!

I started with a piece of sun printed fabric that had been sprinkled with rock salt.
The designs came from a couple of NZ Quilter magazines with some modification to fit in the square shape.  Again I used my current favourite technique paint sticks with a freezer paper stencil.
freezer paper stencil

Once the design was painted I used some boofy batting and stitched along the outline of the shapes.  The batting was then cut away and a layer of cotton batting added along with the backing.  
back view

The design was outlined with a Madeira metallic thread and the rest densely quilted.
front in progress

The piece was then faced.  Now back to a name ...


ms lottie said...

Kikorangi kowhaiwhai?

Helen said...

hmm that is quite good, it would mean a bit more on the label to explain the name but that is ok.