Monday, October 14, 2013

Flower Power

My Guild recently had a challenge called 'From the Page' where you received a page from a magazine. 

You then created a quilt that represented that page, using the page design, layout, colours, topics, or any other element on the page.  The creation could be 3D, as long as it fitted within a 50cm cube.

Here is my page from the magazine:

Using the flower image on the left I created a double-sided printing block and printed various prints until I got the colours I liked.


The final result (36cm by 48cm): 

For the larger flowers I used a freezer paper stencil, that was reused for the stitching outlines. 

The flowers are outlined using Madeira Lana.  A great thread that is 50% wool and 50% acrylic, this thread can be used on the sewing machine, just needs a larger needle such as a jeans needle. 

Awhile ago I bought a selection of these threads from the Linda and Laura Kemshall's online store.

The judging was last week, unfortunately I didn't win anything.  The winning and merit entries almost/exactly represented their page/s.

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