Thursday, August 1, 2013

Red 12x12 Exhibited

Continuing with more Symposium items, the Taupo Museum also had the Aotearoa Quilters RED 12x12 Exhibition.  There are ~130 entries.

Posters on the Museum door advertising Gwen Marston's exhibition and the Red Challenge.

The poster even featured one of my entries!!
 Mine is the one in the top centre.

Two of mine here on the right (84 & 85)

Zigzag (86), one on the left.  This has sold and found a home in Adelaide, thank you Jeanne.

Best of Show by Sonya Prchal

As quilts sold they were removed and the others shuffled around.  These pictures were taken on the Sunday.  

For a full listing and the quiltmakers names click here.  Any unsold quilts will be displayed at the Hamilton Craft and Quilt Fair in September.

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