Sunday, September 13, 2015

Green Orange Peel

A few days ago I posted here about starting a new quilt and the issues with cutting the applique shapes.  

The applique shapes have all been ironed on.  I didn't have enought fabric to cut enough shapes to cover the whole quilt mostly because of the number of abandoned shapes.  

I quite like the final pattern.

Once the shapes were ironed I was about to start appliquing by machine each piece.  Then thought how was I going to quilt it?


The answer - applique and quilt all at once.  So the top was basted and stitched with blanket stitch.  

To eliminate the stops/restarts, I started at a point blanket, stitched to the next point, changed to straight stitch, stitched to the next point, changed to blanket stitch, and repeated.


My Bernina has a feature that allows easy switching between two stitches without having to reset the stitch settings each time.  I increased the width and length of the blanket stitch from the default setting. I also used the walking foot.

For the squares with no shapes, the quilting was straight line and repeated the petal shapes. 

Now it just needs a bit of a trim and the binding sewn on.

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