Friday, July 17, 2015


I've been practicing my freemotion quilting.  Previously when I've created practice/sample pieces they tended to be on scrappy fabric/batting or larger pieces.  

I've been looking for an efficient way to have a quick reference to refer to when deciding what designs to use on a quilt.  Often I find that I've used a quilting design then forgotten about it or can't quite remember what it looked like or how I did it.  

On Candy Glendening's website she shows how she created a freemotion quilting sampler book, with small quilt samples loosely bound together.  This is perfect for what I want to achieve.  

Here is my bundle so far ...


Candy used metal eyelets - my eyelet installing ability failed me so I resorted to using the eyelet stitch on my machine.  The size of the samples is ~9 1/2" square - the same size as one of my rulers.
Individual samples ...


On each sample I've recorded the type of thread, bobbin thread, needle, batting used and anything else useful.


As well as patterns I'm trying different needle types with a variety of threads.  I'm also interested in creating textures so will explore different battings and combinations.

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