Sunday, March 8, 2015

Planning - just a bit over rated

When I start a new project I try to allow plenty of time ... however sometimes things made at the last minute turn out the best.   

Yesterday my daughter went to an 'Adventure Time' themed birthday party.  While she has watched this show it really isn't one I've taken much notice of, well not the characters anyway.

She was going to go as Fionna, wearing a plainish blue tshirt, skort and I thought that was it.  She then decided at ~12pm (party at 2.30pm) that she needed a hat like Finn wears.  

So after a few Google searches we were off ...  while acrylic felt would probably have been the best, I only had a few strips of white polyester batting, the dense variety not the boofy type.  Sewed these together to get two pieces long enough to cover her face/head, then sewed them into a tube.  Then stitched across the top creating ears at either end.  Finally cutting out an oval shape for the face.

There was a bit of a fit issue as the pony tail out the back was creating an odd bit of drag.  Her suggestion was to cut a flap instead of a full circle - excellent idea and worked well.  

It was easy working with batting - just cut wherever, no need to finish off seams or edges.  Not sure about the comfort level for the wearer, luckily the day wasn't too hot.

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