Monday, March 16, 2015

K1, P1, rpt

Earlier in the year Maureen at Mystic Quilter blogged about working in a series.  I thought this was a great idea and that I could work through either Jean Wells book 'Intuitive Color & Design' or Elizabeth Barton's book 'Inspired to Design; Seven Steps to Successful Quilts'.  

So instead I've been working on a commission for a second Knit One, Paint One quilt.  

Knit One, Paint One

Same pattern just a slightly different colour.  While I'd kept my original pattern I needed to recreate the freezer paper stencil - this took longer than I remembered with the original quilt!

Adding the colour was relatively fast.  To emphasise the white 'knitted stitches' I add a layer of batting and quilt around the shapes, then trim away the batting.

Stitching the first layer of batting
Freezer paper stencils

I'm currently about half way with the stitching and trimming.  The next stage is to add another layer of batting, the backing and finally quilt it.


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh this so interesting - love the colour and design!
Re the series - you will notice I still haven't posted anything!!! Probably at the end of the month.

Charlotte Scott said...

Elizabeth Barton has a book particularly about working in a series. I have it, I'm just too lazy to go get it and look at the title! But it's a great book and I keep thinking I should work through it sometime.