Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pieced Star in Stars

I've finally pieced the star in star blocks that I won at a Guild meeting several months ago (see here and here). 
For awhile I played with the idea of adding white or black/grey strips and then cutting the block on an angle so the stars became 'wonky' (see below).  This was to get around the problem that quite a few of the blocks were different sizes! 

I couldn't decided between using white or a grey, so the blocks rested while I worked on other projects.  Recently I revisited them, randomly adding black or grey strips.  Then cutting the blocks to a uniform size before joining them.  I did ponder (briefly) about adding half stars in the outside spaces.

The piece will now rest some more as I go back to working on other projects.  Also I don't have anyone in mind for this quilt let alone how to quilt it.

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