Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Playing with Fabric Twine

Recently a friend demonstrated how to make fabric twine.  I watched but didn't pay too much attention ... a couple of days later happened (!) to come across instructions (see here, includes a video) and had a play.

A few pieces of abandoned hand dyed fabrics ripped into roughly one inch strips ...

... and rather too quickly had a large ball of twine.


Days later had whipped up a bowl.

How the bowl was created ...
Using a wide and long zigzag sewed the strips together in a circular shape.  I used a large jeans needle (100/16) that sewed easily through all the layers.

To start the bowl shape, tilted the piece as I sewed.

To add a handle, held the twine away from the edge for a couple of centimetres, stitched and then rejoined on the other side and continued stitching.  

The trick is to evenly place the handle on the other side.

To shape the base, use a similar sized dish and iron the base and the edge.  The ironing flattens the twine and seems to hold the shape quite well.

Now on to the next project, this time with a more controlled colour scheme.

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Rebecca said...

These look like fun!!