Sunday, October 4, 2015

A bit of the same

Last year I made a banner for my daughter's hockey team.  This year she is in a different team so another banner was needed.

My plan was to make this years banner bigger.  Off I went to Pete's Emporium to hopefully buy the same fabric as last year.  One of the things about Pete's Emporium is that the stock changes - there was no yellow/gold or black like I'd used last year.  There was a stronger/thicker yellow and a small piece (less than 1m) of black.  The amount of black dictated the size of the banner - similar size to last year ~1m x ~1.5m. 

Using the no-pin technique with my current favourite for a range of quilting uses - blue painters tape.  

The words are printed in Word and are about 500 point.  

Freemotion quilted around each letter three times.  Way easier than trying to manoeuvre the weight of the material around all those curves and corners.


Removing the paper (well most of it).

The next step is to carefully cut away the black to reveal the yellow lettering - reverse applique.

Repeating the process for the Wellington Hockey emblem. 

To complete the banner, stitched the black to the yellow, added a full size peice of yellow to the back, then added the eyelets - one banner.


The banner has had one outing with another one soon.

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