Friday, April 10, 2015

Out and About - Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

During the Easter break we checked out Wellington's newest park - Pukeahu National War Memorial Park.  It officially opens later in the month. 
National War Memorial

The park creates more space around the National War Memorial including the Carillon, the Hall of Memories, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and The Man with the Donkey. With room for memorials from other countries such as Australia.
The extra space came from lowering the road and building the Arras tunnel.

view into Arras Tunnel

new open space

Tomb of the Unknown Warrior
'The Man with the Donkey' sculpture
by Paul Walshe

view into the Hall of Memories

looking up to Hall of Memories ceiling


The Australian memorial features 15 red sandstone columns symbolising Australia's 'Red Centre'.  Behind are eucalypt trees (still quite small) that represent the Australian landscape.  See here for a more detailed description.

new plantings

Australian memorial

To gain an understanding of the significance of the various items in the gardens, including the 'Hinerangi' sculpture, see here.

'Hinerangi' sculpture by Darcy Nicholas'
with cloak detail

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