Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mini success

Each February Sawmillers Quiltery, in Te Marua (~40 minutes north of Wellington), host the Stonestead Outdoor Quilt show.  Which I have yet to get to!  

For the show last year I started an entry for their challenge, a table runner.  I got as far as piecing the top that needed to feature a sawtooth block - the block that appears in all their logos.  

The challenge for this year was a neonates quilt for Hutt hospital.  The dimensions were 17" by 29" and again had to feature the sawtooth block.  Before Christmas I made one block, had my plan drawn up ... and not a lot happened.  A week or so before the due date put a bit of effort in to complete the quilt. 

A week before the show I delivered the quilt and my daughter's hockey quilt for the youth section.
Neonates quilt
'Hockey Rules'


The show was on Sunday 8th February and due to the kids various activities we weren't able to make it - so maybe next year.

It was worth the effort we both won prizes!


What I also discovered is that Sawmillers are stocking Aurifil 50wt and hopefully soon will have 40wt and even better they will post it out.
Aurifil in Wellington!

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Charlotte Scott said...

Well done!
I love Aurafil - the 50 wt in particular. I use it for piecing as it melts into the seam allowance with no bulk and it's lovely for quilting too. Particularly if quilting heavily as it doesn't build up too much.