Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fabric Swap

Earlier in the year I joined Leslie Keating's handprinted fabric swap.  

I said my preferred colours were: brights - blue, red, orange.

My partners had a range - from any colours, to orange - and paired with pink,  to sorbet colors like mints,pinks,mauves, and green or brown or yellow or orange.

What I received ...


what I sent ...

Closeups ...

Handpainted background. The swirls were cut out of freezer paper and then brushed with paintsticks across the edges.

Also handpainted, with quite dark pink/purple and some orange. Then quite thick white paint through a stencil.  Then more white through another stencil. 

Handpainted, left to dry all scrunched up. 

Freezer paper stencil with paintstiks.

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